Sunday Look Book 1 (SLB 1)

This post is a million years old, I’ll explain later….

I was supposed to post yesterday afternoon, but Naij Internet is the devil really slow

Yesterday Night though, my family cracked open a surprise (as usual) & we had to take Family pictures. It wasn’t actually bad in the end, because I got my make-up done for me, and some of the pictures were nice. Oh, and the photographer said I have model potential ( I know he was just saying that though). I’ll let you see them when they are out. Anyway, here is the post from yesterday:

Hey Beautiful People,

Been A Bit Busy…I’m Lazy. I’m working on it….(not really).

First of all, right now I’m listening to a CD that has a mix of old songs…you know like the Big,2pac,Jarule…continuum. It’s amazing. I bought it for 100 Naira (40p). Seeing as it was a road side random shop…they swaved (cheated) me, but I’m content and happy. And a little too excited. *starts dancing and rapping like a fool* *No, No, No, No, Notorious…* 😝 Lol

-My mom wrote a book called: ‘Secret Golden Book Of Wealth for Couples’ It’s a great book👌…if I say so myself. {picture is attached below} Get it for someone you know that’s married as a gift. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to know how to get it. (An online copy should be available soon)

-My time in Nigeria, is coming to an end very soon, in less than a week, I’ll be gone. I’m having mixed feelings about going back. I wanna see my new apartment but I’m really gonna miss my fam. 😓😓

I promised that I would do like a Sunday Look Book thing thing, and as usual I procrastinated and haven’t done so. I’ve come to right my wrongs. So here it is, for about 4/5 Sundays or so. I didn’t take any pictures on other Sundays. As you will notice, I have thing for detailed tops nowadays, I think the detail add so much to the outfit without getting carried away going over the top

Ms Johnson.