More Questions

Here’s the last one:

Am I as they say?

Am I beautiful when I sway?

Does my smile light up the day?

Or am I nothing like that voice says?

I am great. Aren’t I?

Then why can’t I believe it.

Why can’t I say what I mean?

Why am I lovely to others & to myself mean?

Can I blame her? Can I blame him?

High standards are good But sometimes leave you feeling less than you should.

Someone help me understand if you would.

-Ms Johnson. 


2 thoughts on “More Questions

  1. Hi Eva

    Please could you attach pictures of all the outfit please ( the skirt and shirt as well as the dresses) and also do u get your accommodation on the same day as the registration.

    Thank you
    Miss Benson.

    1. Hi Edith,

      Yes you get accomodation immediately after registration (at least in my year we did). I’m having some issues with putting up pictures buy soon enough 🙂

      Ms Johnson

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