More Questions

Here’s the last one:

Am I as they say?

Am I beautiful when I sway?

Does my smile light up the day?

Or am I nothing like that voice says?

I am great. Aren’t I?

Then why can’t I believe it.

Why can’t I say what I mean?

Why am I lovely to others & to myself mean?

Can I blame her? Can I blame him?

High standards are good But sometimes leave you feeling less than you should.

Someone help me understand if you would.

-Ms Johnson. 


What? Who? Why?

Here’s the second one. Which is actually, the first one I wrote.

What can I do about this nagging feeling
Of something within that keeps hitting the ceiling
Of my heart and consumes my mind
What can I do?

I can’t share it with the world
Or maybe I can with spoken word
That you and even I may know what it is
That tumbles and twirls my soul

Discontent! And Contempt
For him, and her and you
and I
Am aware of my potential
Yet I fear that It may never be harnessed
And become Kinetic

What can a man know unless he is told?
What can a man see unless he is shown?
Who can know a man unless what you see when he is cold
Or can you know? No empirical evidence. Nothing
Just know…

And feel it in
your bones
A raging fire that burns and burns and burns
Till you are soot and ash
And then you ask

What am I? Who am I? Am I
At all or is it all just imagination?
Einstein said: ‘Imagination is much more important than knowledge”
Do I Agree?
I don’t know. You can imagine my discontent.

So many questions with answers, I don’t know
Do I even need to know? I don’t know
These are just my musings
A mere confused ant, in the grand scheme of things.

-Ms Johnson.


Hey guys,

Sometimes I feel like this is my diary, and that makes me glad.
Well, I’ve been feeing a little all over the place. So I decided to pick up my pen and write and cry and 3 poems came out of it, in a space of like 5 minutes. I’m not gonna edit them because they’re raw feelings, and if you’re a friend, don’t get worried I’m fine. I may put it up as 3 different posts. Don’t know yet but I’ll put my favourite of three down here now. I think I’ll call it ‘Cry’ , and when you read it you’ll see why.

Do you ever sit around,wasting precious time
And just cry?
Sometimes with tears, sometimes with thoughts
Sometimes with a pen, sometimes with words.

And you don’t know why
And you can’t tell the next guy
So you waffle for a bit
As your heart breaks in bits
And whether you allow or not, your soul cries

Well then, cry! Yes cry!
Let It out!
Scream! Scream and Shout and Let It Out!
You’re only human
Even if you’re a guy, and strong emotions are making you feel like a woman
Then cry!

But don’t do it with the other guys
You’ll never hear the end of it. Social suicide.
But to cry is better than to take one’s life
So take it in your stride and cry!

Don’t fight it like a man
Sweetheart, just cry!
If you feel like you can’t do it alone,
Come and find me and your hand I’ll hold
And you and I, we’ll just cry

And when we’re done, we’ll smile and hug
Get some Icecream and pretend it never happened
Cos it didn’t.
Or did it?

 Ms Johnson.