Needs No Title


Every Other Week or so, I wait for a pinch

Because My Thoughts get too grave by about an inch

So, as usual I’m looking for the easy way out

Waiting for a “My friend, wake up we’re going out”

Many times I can’t believe how my life’s played out

Whether I was completely there, these last 4 years, I doubt

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still young

Younger than you’d think with my feigned smile,carriage or dressing out on the run

But I’m feeble, fearful and flawed inside

I need someone to talk to

But I’m too ashamed, too soiled, I can’t bring myself to

So, I reduced the make up, maybe it’ll help others see me better inside

The people I pity the most are family, you know

The only ones that really love me; or the ones that love me the most

And I can’t confess to them because they’d warned me “Guard your heart jealously”

No one REALLY knows me, not even me; so my closest friends don’t know the whole story

The feelings of guilt have gotten harder to sweep aside.

I’ll have to find something good to have beside

I am too young to be engulfed by such pain within

If anyone can, please help. I’m A Caged Bird Singing.


Ms JohnsonE


Image Credit: fenixrysing